The Lord is my Shepherd

We follow His lead - a short update on Wesley's health

(This is a picture of an EKG showing a heart in trouble.  Felicia declares that this was mild compared to the dramatic fluctuations that were on  my EKG. She said it looked like the wild scribbling of a 2 year-old!)

January 24, 2017 is a day I will never forget.  Every day I live since that day can be considered bonus.  When I was growing up in south Louisiana, the term we used to describe that kind of bonus was “Lagniappe.”  That’s an old Cajun expression that means “a little extra.”  That’s what God has given me.   The quick trip through the streets of Lubbock, TX, to the ER at Covenant Medical Center and the events of the next few days are a blur in my mind.  I came within minutes of meeting my Maker, but by God’s mercy, I am still here for “a little extra” time and doing very well.  Hallelujah!

With a few months to reflect I have identified some important things I learned.

  1.  Our faith makes a difference.  Amid the swirl of activity around me in the trauma room and the obvious concern of my caretakers as they hooked me up to the paddles, I was at peace.  Looking mortality square in the eyes, there was no fear.  I knew

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

This changes everything


This is a song I wrote to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is a rewrite of the Charles Wesley hymn of the same title from the “Amazing Love” CD we released in 2006.  Take a few minutes to listen and join in the HALLELUJAH’S.  He has defeated death and the grave.  This changes everything.


Good Friday meditation

He gave His all for us.





On this Good Friday, as we contemplate who Christ is an all He’s done for us, take a moment to listen to this song.  It is a rewrite of Charles Wesley’s “And Can it Be”  entitled “Amazing Love” from the album we did in 2006 of the same name.  Let these words minister to your soul today.


Get Your Motor Running

All the power you need to succeed

As a new year begins, I’m often full of energy and willpower to change and improve my life. This year I will lose those pounds, make time for relationships, draw nearer to God. But without fail, that energy and optimism all but disappear when resistance inevitably kicks in. It reminds me of a time years ago when, as a young pastor, I had an invitation to go fishing with my neighbor.

I hadn’t done much fishing in my life, but I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know him better.  So we loaded the boat on a trailer and hooked up to his pickup. The sun was shining and it looked to be an awesome day to be on the water.

We launched the small fishing boat onto the Ouachita River, he pulled a cord on the small motor and it sputtered into life. We headed downstream on the rain-swelled river at a pretty good clip.   In short order we arrived at his favorite fishing spot and spent a good deal of time there.  As I recall, he caught quite a few good sized Bream and I drowned a lot of worms.

When we had about as much fun as we could muster, it was time to head back to the truck.  My friend pulled the rope and the engine once again hummed into life.  However,

Fantastic Harvest at Summer Camps

Our 38th Year!


What an amazing harvest!!

God has used this ministry to introduce thousands of children to Jesus over the past 38 years. This year we had the privilege of being storyteller in two camps, Ceta Canyon, TX,  and Sacramento, NM. Between the two camps there was an awesome harvest!

There were 60 who made profession of faith in Christ, over 150 recommitted their lives to follow Him and 25 answered the call to full-time ministry.

Here’s a video where I prayed for children in Sacramento after they had made decisions the night before.  It was amazing!

We had a great time in worship with the children. They sang their hearts out to the glory of God!

They also had the opportunity to learn the books of the Bible using one of the songs from our BibleQuest program.

The children were totally fascinated with my beard!  Here are pics at each camp showing boys and girls petting my beard.  It was really a sight to see.


We are so grateful for those who have helped support us and who make this kind of life-changing ministry possible. God gave the harvest because you were faithful to give.

We are moving into a busy fall schedule. Please pray for us.  We want to be used by God to make a difference! That is our heart.  Be sure to follow our schedule and pray for us as we go.

CHRISTMAS BOOKING OPPORTUNITIES Though it’s 100 degrees outside right now, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas worship services. We are beginning to book our Christmas stories for this December. We can come to your church and share the story of Christ’s birth as told by the Christmas Shepherd. In addition I will share a concert of Christmas music from our latest album, ‘O Come, O Come’.  We are also booking now for the Spring of ’17. We’d love to come to your church!  Email us:


Please, remember that this ministry can only continue as our friends support us with their prayers and finances.  We really need your help this month. Our camping ministry yields great fruit for the Kingdom, but we end up with little to no love offerings for July. Would you send a generous gift to help us continue this vital work?  It will be an wonderful encouragement to us.

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I first saw this wonderful Kenneth Wyatt bronze in his Red River gallery.  I was struck by it’s simple beauty and profound meaning.  It is titled, “Legacy”.  As I looked at it, I was struck with how God has given us family so that the future can be a place of hope and goodness.  I remember thinking that this bronze really captures the heart of what Wesley Putnam Ministries is all about.  We long to impart God’s love into the next generation.  When the time comes for us to go home, we want to leave a long line of believers who we will meet in heaven.

Here is how Kenneth described this piece.

“To me it represents the legacy of faith we leave behind for our children. I closed, in prayer, the eyes of the upturned face of the father as he holds his youngest. The little girl clings to her daddy by holding on to his pants pockets and reaches as high as she can by standing on his shoes.

Like my father did so many times, the man has rolled up his sleeves. I did this to show the muscles and strength of the man. I wanted the power of the man to be felt so I gave him a strong curved backbone and wide shoulders. Here was a working man and regardless of what we work at: carpenter, bookkeeper, preacher, cook, athlete, or anything else, our work also becomes our legacy to our family and to the nation.”

– Kenneth Wyatt

That day in Kenneth’s gallery, Felicia purchased this bronze as a Father’s Day gift for me.  I loved it so much, when I got home I called them back and ordered one for each of my sons who were also fathers.

If you like the message of this wonderful work of art, you can give one of the most meaningful gifts your friends and family have ever received, a signed, numbered, limited edition bronze by Kenneth Wyatt.

Wesley Putnam Ministries is making these available to the friends of our ministry this week for a donation of $125 or more to our ministry.

Click here to order.  Be sure and order soon to make sure your gift arrives before June 19.