I had a fantastic time in Findlay, OH. It was a little hard not having Felicia with me this trip. She developed an ear infection and the Dr. thought it best if she did not get on a plane. After having her with me everywhere I’ve gone for the last two years, it was strange not having her there. I was reminded of how much she does to help me, when I had to do it all. Whew!!!

This was my second visit to St. Marks UMC in Findlay, OH. It is a great evangelical congregation with a wonderful vision for the future. We met in their brand new gymnasium/ministry center. They have really done it right. This facility is going to be a wonderful tool for reaching their community for Christ.

Although attendance at BibleQuest was a little weak, the kids made up for it with their enthusiasm. One mother told me her daughter had chosen BibleQuest over her dance classes and sports teams. She was really impressed. You can take a look at this week’s medal winners by clicking here.

The congregation responded wonderfully to this Dayspring. They loved the new Wesley Hymns and sang them with gusto. One retired pastor said, ?I?m so glad you are doing this. So many of the new choruses are lovely, but don?t have much theological substance. These songs meet a real need for us.? Praise the Lord! There was a deep sense of the Spirit’s anointing in the worship.

On the last night, we did something totally new for both the church and for me. We advertised the closing night as a “dinner theatre”. The members invited neighbors, friends, and people they worked with to come to enjoy a night of friendship and ministry at the church. It was a great success. The use of storytelling was a way to present the Gospel in a way that they could both enjoy and understand it. It is a great model for future meetings.

Please be in prayer for us next week. We will be in the studio recording the New hymns. At the same time we will be redoing the children’s album, “Songs for the Quest.” We will be working hard for about 10 days just doing the recording. We hope to have it available for purchase by the Summer.

Thanks so much for your prayers and partnership with us in this work. It’s thrilling to see the ways God works in His people’s lives. You are a part of every life God touches.

I’ve been posting lyrics to the new songs on these updates. Below are the lyrics to the rewrite of “Jesus, Lover of my Soul”. If you want to read the lyrics to other hymns, just click on the archives to the right. If you’d like to have a day of Story and Song in your church, Please contact us. I am beginning to book these single day events to introduce churches to the new Wesley hymns.
You can send me an email if you’re interested. wputnam@wesleyputnam.org
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
By Wesley Putnam

1. When the winds of life are blowing
And the storms are raging wild
I have a safe place I can go
Where a frightened, weary child
Can find a holy shelter
Until the tumult’s past.
A peaceful harbor for my soul
A haven unsurpassed.

Cho. Jesus, Lover of my soul.
There’s nowhere else for me to go.
You are my shield, You are my home.
You’ll never leave me here alone.

2. I find grace here, in abundance,
And it covers all my sin.
It’s healing and refreshing me.
It cleans the stains within.
Exhilarating fountain
Come, satisfy my thirst.
Become a river in my heart
Til all the world’s immersed.

Cho. Jesus, Lover of my soul
You are all I’m longing for.
I’m unworthy of your grace,
Yet here I am in your embrace.

Bridge: When the trials come, I will not fear
For I can see your face.
I have boundless peace
When you are near.
You are my hiding place

In His service,


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