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You've never seen anything like The Master's Storyteller

The Biblical story of've heard it, right? Prophet of God tells bad king that it won't rain, then holds a battle royale on a mountain top, defeating the prophets of Baal.

But have you heard it told by Elijah himself? As a Bronx Cop?

That's how Wesley Putnam saw the character of Elijah when he read the story, and now countless audiences will never see Elijah the same again.

Through stories like Daniel as a West Texas Cowboy, Jonah as a Cajun, and many others, The Master's Storyteller has been filling churches for over 35 years.

Altars are also filled as hearts are touched when God speaks through this unique storyteller.

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 “Jesus used stories in His ministry because they expressed truth in a clear way. When people watch The Master’s Storyteller, my hope is that they hear God’s heart for them like never before.”

The Master's Storyteller

An Outreach Event Like No Other

4 Day Events

Your church and community will be changed by a visit from The Master's Storyteller. This event runs from Sunday Morning through Wednesday Evening.

These events include a separate kids ministry time, and we typically see attendance growing throughout the week.

Single Day

Typically a Sunday morning and evening, these events are ideal for churches with a busy calendar.

Camps & Retreats

The Master's Storyteller has been delighting kids and adults alike for over 40 years.

Wesley has many characters and stories to suit any event.

Custom writing is available to tailor the presentation to your special event.

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