2017 – A Year that Changed Me

These last 12 months or so have changed me. I’m not the same person I was at this time last year. Sometimes that’s an intentional goal, a quest for personal improvement, but my changes have come at the hand of circumstances beyond my control. Let me explain.

My mother went to be in God’s presence forever in August of last year. Then just 3 months later, I became an orphan at age 65 when my father joined her.

In the midst of dealing with the reality of losing both my parents in such a short time, I had a death-defying heart incident just days after my 45th wedding anniversary. Felicia was almost widowed that night.

So how was I changed after witnessing my parents’ death and facing my own?

Simply, I am convinced that every day I’ve lived since January 24, 2017, is bonus time.

After that experience, I wondered what my future would be. Would it be possible to continue traveling? Would I have the strength and stamina needed to do this demanding work? Would I have to lay down this ministry that I have been so blessed with?

God has truly been faithful, as I only had to cancel one meeting after my hospitalization. I did not book as heavily as I normally would have, but Felicia and I stepped out in faith and put one foot in front of the other. We feel we were called to this ministry, and we were determined not to let it go without a fight.

Our ministry travels in the last ten months took us to nineteen churches in nine states, including Texas, New Mexico, West Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

It seemed that the excitement in the revivals increased in the months after my V-tach. God continued to bless this ministry with results.

Everywhere we’ve traveled, the attendance has been great and the altar response strong. My awareness that I have been given a life-extension to do ministry is making a real difference.

We continue to hear great reports from pastors who are busy after the revivals baptizing new Christians and welcoming new members into their churches.

Just last week, this pastor baptized 5 young people who responded to God’s message of love and redemption at one of our events.

Felicia and I are so grateful for you, the faithful friends of this ministry who have prayed for us and given generously to make it possible for us to continue answering God’s call.

Those gifts have made it possible for many to respond to the message of God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

We have been given a deep burden to preach a message of a God who loves us and calls us to faithfully follow Him. It’s a more urgent message now than ever before.

Our world is staggering in darkness. Children and grandchildren have lost their way. Many are caught in prisons of sexual brokenness and terrible addictions to drugs and alcohol.

But our message is unchanged. Jesus stands ready to heal, deliver, and save!

As we close out 2017 strong, you can help in these ways:

• Pray for our ministry. We can only go where we’re invited. Pray for more opportunities to bring God’s message of freedom to more people and more towns.

• Give generously. December and January are typically months where we have no bookings. Can you help offset the financial cost of that gap?

• Become a regular monthly donor. These automatic gifts help us save fundraising costs and let us know that provision will be there each month. Church missions budgets and Sunday School class sponsorships are other ways you can support us.

• If it’s been a while since we’ve been in your church, have your pastor call and invite us back. We’d love to see you again! You can reach me directly at (817) 975-5524.

Felicia and I are so blessed by your friendship and are so encouraged by knowing you believe in this ministry. We’re looking forward to 2018 and seeing God transform homes and churches wherever He leads us.

P.S. Your generous year-ending gift will make a huge difference right now when churches don’t book outside events. Giving securely online by clicking here will ensure we have your gift for the 2017 tax year.

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