August 12

When I got the call to come to River of Life Church in Abilene, TX, I almost turned it down. My ministry has been directed to the whole church and they wanted me to come and focus on children for three days. Not only that, they wanted me to work with a wide age group range, from pre-school to upper elementary. To top it all off, they wanted me to do the long versions of the stories. I did not believe that young children would be able to sit still for 30 minutes plus and listen.

I put my questions aside and stepped through the open door, determined to give it my best. Well, the joke was on me. The meeting was a huge success. In our three days at River of Life Church, we had nearly 80 boys and girls who participated and they loved it! Felicia and I were delighted as they learned the BibleQuest songs and sang them with exuberance and joy. They not only listened to the stories, they were entranced by them. Each evening, the floor in front of the platform was covered with children. Some were on their backs; others were propped up on elbows. Those who were sitting in their seats were leaning forward so they wouldn’t miss a word. What a delight! You can see a few pictures of the event by clicking here.

There were a slew of medal winners who worked hard to memorize scriptures and bring their friends. Click here to see the medal winners along with pastor, Dr. David Ray and Children’s director, Benna Myrick.

For the next few weeks, We will be working on the Wesley Hymns project. Things are not moving as quickly as we’d like, but we want it to be the best it can be before we release it to the public. Please be praying for us as we finish this recording.

We are preparing to go next to Howe, TX, where one of my brothers, Jerry Putnam, is pastor. We will be there in early September.

Please be in prayer about the finances for our ministry. Things are very tight as we come to the end of the summer. Please pray about getting involved in the ongoing support of this ministry. There is so much to be done in reaching this generation for Christ. Felicia and I long to be used by God to make a difference in people’s lives. We need many people who will stand with us as we strive to obey God in this call. Whatever you can do is deeply appreciated. Any gift you might want to share can be sent to: Wesley Putnam Ministries, 1320 Brown Trail, Bedford, TX 76022 You are also welcome to call our toll-free number and leave a donation on our automated phone system. 800-530-4949. if you are unable to give financially, please pray for lives to be changed and for God’s continued provision.

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