Last week Felicia and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Wow! In this day and age, that seems to be quite an accomplishment. We had a wonderful evening with a classy meal in a nice restaurant followed by a visit to the Symphony at the Myerson Center in Dallas. It was a great celebration. We are looking forward to the next 34 years together.

We’re busy packing and preparing to go to Olton Texas where I will be leading a Dayspring next week. I’ve had the privilege of preaching in Olton several times through the years. As a matter of fact, Olton was the first church I did revival ministry in as a young pastor in the Northwest Texas Conference. It was January of 1979. I remember that the family who hosted me actually moved out of the master bedroom and insisted that I stay there. It was incredibly humbling to me to be treated with such honor. I’ve never forgotten that. Felicia and I will be in that same home, 27 years later. I look forward to the reunion.

I’m still busy writing. I’m up to 11 rewrites of the Wesley Hymns. The plan is to go into the studio in April. I’m so excited about these songs and the chance to make them available to the Church as a tool for worship. Charles Wesley has given me an extensive body of work with over 5000 hymn texts to choose from. That ought to keep me busy for a while!

Here is the text for the rewrite of “Come Thou Almighty King”.

Come Almighty King
By Wesley Putnam

1. Come, Almighty King.
Touch our feeble lips help us to sing.
You are glorious, over everything victorious
Come reign over us
Our Wonderful, Almighty King.

Cho. Almighty King,
We give the highest praise.
Forever Reign In our hearts we pray
And we will sing for all eternity,
“You are Wonderful, Almighty King”.

2. Welcome, Living Word.
Come communicate the heart of God.
Hear our humble prayer
Speak and bless your people everywhere
Living Truth now share
Illuminating, Living Word.

3. Holy Spirit Come.
Fill us with Your love and make us one.
In this very hour
Help us know your overcoming power.
May your will be ours.
Come Holy Spirit, come.

4. Oh Great One in Three
You are worthy of the praise we bring.
You reign in majesty
You wear the robe and crown eternally
Rule Victoriously
Our Wonderful, Almighty King.

Felicia and I are deeply grateful for your continued prayer for our ministry. Pray with us that the level of support will allow me to devote more time to writing and less to travel. I am really energized by creating these new songs and pray that God will use them to bless the Church.

Serving Him,


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