June 6

So sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. We have changed our internet provider and it’s taken a while to get it all set up properly. I’ll try to be a little more current in the future.

Things have been quite busy since our last post. Felicia and I had a great time of ministry during the first week of May in Trenton, TX. Trenton is a small town between McKinney and Paris in North Texas. We had a great time there with the people in the church and with my brother, Jan, who was their pastor.

BibleQuest was a tremendous hit. We started with a small group of kids and by Wednesday night we had more than tripled! The whole community was buzzing! The kids were great on Wednesday night when they presented a program showing what they had learned in four short days. Click here to see a picture of the medal winners.

After the revival in Trenton, Felicia and I headed to Tulsa for the celebration of the wedding of our youngest son, Timothy. He married a wonderful young woman from Colorado, Kristin Elsey. The wedding was beautiful. You can see some of the pictures from the wedding here.

I had the joy of sharing a new song I wrote specifically for their wedding. The name of the song is, “Covenant Love”. I will post the lyrics at the end of this update.

The work is continuing on the new hymn project. I hope to have it completed by the end of the summer. Keep watching this page for upcoming announcements on that. I had the privilege of singing the new version of “And Can it Be” in Orlando, FL, at the commencement for Asbury Theological Seminary. It was wonderful to hear hundreds of people singing this new hymn with such joy. Before I walked out the door to drive back to the airport, a student who will be graduating next year was inviting me to come back and do the song for her class. How cool is that?!

I will be attending the meeting of the Northwest Texas Annual Conference this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in that conference to bring renewal and life.

I will be working this month planning the taping of the dramas of the Biblical characters to be released on DVD. I’ll let you know when we will be recording and where. By the end of this year, I’d like to have Gideon, Elijah, Daniel, The Christmas Shepherd, James the Brother of Jesus, and the Good Samaritan redone. I’d also like to record Jonah. Please be in prayer for this project. Our middle son, Philip will be helping us on this project. He has a video production and marketing company called MediaPop. His company did the new marketing campaign and web page for Ceta Canyon Camp. Philip has a new web page up, so click here to get a look at some of his creativity.

Pray with us that God will continue to open doors for ministry and that He will provide the resources needed to do all He has called us to do. If you would like to donate to our ministry, send your contributions to: Wesley Putnam Ministries, 1320 Brown Trail, Bedford, TX 76022 or call 1-800-530-4949
You can use the same address to send us any prayer requests or words of encouragement. It’s always great to hear from our friends.

Below are the lyrics of the song I wrote for Timothy and Kristin.

Covenant Love
By Wesley Putnam
(Written on the occasion of the marriage of Timothy and Kristin May 20, 2006)

1. This is my charge,
As you stand together before God
Who knows your hearts
And understands each secret thought.

The vows you take are not just spoken to each other.
The God you love is overhearing every word.
Not merely promises whispered by two lovers,
But a covenant between you and the Lord.

Covenant love ? Covenant love
Will carry you both through the good and bad of life.
Covenant love ? Covenant love
With God, you?ll walk together, man and wife.

2. These rings you hold
Are a portrait of what God intends.
Love?s pure, like gold
And like a circle, it will never end.

Love?s not built on fragile feeling or emotion
For over time you?ll find that they can come and go.
Your faith in God is the only sure foundation
Of a home that stands when stormy winds blow

If you will keep these vows you make today
And determine God?s will to obey
Your home will be a holy place
Filled with His blessings

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