March 31, 2006

Boy, things have been busy this month! I’ve been in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Kentucky. On our way to Stuttgart, AR, Felicia and I had a wonderful time of ministry at the missions conference for Salem Kinser UMC in Greenville, TX. This wonderful church has been faithfully supporting our ministry through their missions giving for over 20 years. It was such a joy to be able to thank them in person for all they have done. This church has had a heart for missions that has reached around the world for the Kingdom of God. We left there and headed for FUMC in Stuttgart, AR, March 12-15. This was our third time to do a “Dayspring” in this church. Every time we’ve gone to Stuttgart, the church has done a first rate job of preparing. We have made some wonderful friends there and it is always a joy to reconnect.

BibleQuest was wonderful. The kids were so pumped! They loved singing the songs and were among some of the best singers we’ve had in BibleQuest. The number of kids grew each evening as did the level of enthusiasm. Click here to see the medal winners.

One big bonus for the week was the opportunity to speak in the public schools. I told the story of Elijah to over 1500 public school students. In that story, I challenge students to making good choices that will positively affect their lives. Even in a small community, like Stuttgart, there are problems with gangs, violence, and teen pregnancy. The principals expressed appreciation for the message I brought, and the kids really listened.

If you’d like to see some pictures of some of the events, I’ve posted them on line. Click here to take a look.

I introduced the new Wesley hymns to the church in Stuttgart. They seemed to really love them. I heard some of the hymns for the first time outside of the room where they were written. It was so much fun. I am getting so excited about getting in the studio and recording these songs next month!

I flew to Colorado Spring, CO, and met with my producer and arranger March 18, to plan the recording session. I am looking forward to getting in the studio and working with these world-class musicians. We are bathing this project in prayer and I believe God will use these songs to encourage and bless His Church. Please put the dates of April 17-27 on your calendar and pray for God’s Spirit to be in every part of this recording.

March 24, I had the privilege of leading a spiritual retreat for the staff and leadership of “Red Bird Missionary Conference” in Beverly, KY. Rev. Chuck Jack, District Superintendent of the conference, was a delight to work with. We had a fantastic day together. Again, the new Wesley hymns were well received. I had a chance to work with the children some and taught them some of the BibleQuest songs. We had a blast!

I’m leaving soon for Findlay, OH, to minister in St. Marks UMC. This is a return visit to this church. I’m looking forward to our time together. Felicia usually travels with me, but this week she got an ear infection and her doctor didn’t think flying was such a good idea. She’s better, but not yet ready to get on a plane. Pray for her speedy recovery.

Below you will find the lyrics to another of the new Wesley hymns. This is a rewrite of “Spirit of Faith, Come Down”. If you’d like to see the lyrics to more of the hymns, just read back throught the archives to the right.

Spirit of Faith Come Down
By Wesley Putnam 2006

Spirit of faith come down
Help us see the things of God
We long to know Him in His fullness
All His love has done.
Help us discover mercy
As we behold His sacrifice
When He died for this world?s sins
He surely died for mine.

Spirit of faith come down ? X2

Worship is all in vain
We can?t even call Him Lord
Unless you help us see His face
And hear His living Word.
It?s then we know that our forgiveness
Was purchased by His blood.
And joy proclaims what faith reveals,
?You are my Lord, My God.?

O that the world might know
The One who took their place.
Spirit of faith come down and show
The beauty of His name.
Extend your grace to every seeker
Bring salvation to this house.
Help us accept your Word as Truth.
Our hearts are listening now.

Bring faith alive today
In every one of us.
We turn to you in confidence
With simple, child-like trust.
Faith that?s bigger than all our failures.
Faith that makes our mountains move,
And saves whoever calls His name
Perfecting them in love.

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