March 4

Felicia and I just returned from Orlando, Florida. I was invited there to lead worship for the Kingdom Conference held at the Orlando campus of Asbury Theological Seminary.

This was our first visit to this campus when class was in session. What an exciting place. Started only 5 years ago, it already has over 400 students! They are doing a great job of training new leaders for the Church and planting a vision in them for making a real difference in our world.

We were on the program with Wes and Joy Griffin, with the International Leadership Institute. ILI began in 1998 with the purpose of accelerating global evangelism by equipping Christian leaders to reach their nations with the Gospel. The Institute has equipped men and women who are now leading in more than twenty countries. To see more information on this wonderful organization, click here.

Felicia and I are preparing for our next meeting in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Please be in prayer with us as we share the Gospel there. This is our 3rd visit in this community. The last phone call I had from the church indicated that there’s a good possibility that in addition to ministering in the church, I’ll be doing several school assemblies.

Work continues on the new hymns. I’ve written 12 new hymns based on some of the old Charles Wesley hymns. I’m flying to Colorado this month to speak with the producer/arranger and we’ll be in the studio in April. I’m so excited about getting these songs out and hope they will find wide acceptance in the Church.

I’ve been posting lyrics on these updates, so if you want to read some of them, just go back in the links to the right. Here is another of those hymns. It is called, “Rejoice, The Lord is King!”

Rejoice, The Lord is King
By Wesley Putnam copyright 2006

Rejoice, the Lord is King!
The One we bow before
To give our thanks and praise.
He reigns forevermore.
He rules with truth and love
And wears a heavenly crown.
The one we crucified,
Now sits upon a throne.

Lift up your heart ? Lift up your voice
Rejoice! Again, I say rejoice. X2

The darkness of the grave
Was shattered by His light.
Sovereign of earth and heaven –
King of eternal life.
He sits at God?s right hand,
His rule and reign restored.
Now every knee shall bow
And declare that He is Lord.

The battle has been won.
Our sins have been destroyed.
Hearts filled with gratitude
Now overflow with joy.
We?re filled with awesome hope
That one day He will come
And take us all away
To our eternal home.

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