Resurrection life in Louisiana and Texas!!!

Dear friends,

The last two weeks have been wonderful for Wesley Putnam Ministries. Felicia and I were in Pineville, LA, last week and in Houston, TX, this week. We were on the road for a full two weeks, living in the fifth-wheel. We were able to set up on the church parking lots. Talk about convenient!

The response in the churches was fantastic. We had great attendance in both of the BibleQuests and in the Dayspring services. We had over 80 children in each of the Biblequest meetings and they memorized hundreds of Bible verses. The churches were bubbling with excitement. One dad told me, ?I gave my son the choice and he picked BibleQuest over his soccer games this week. He told his coach he wouldn?t be there because he wanted to be in church.? Lots of kids made the same kind of choice. When softball, soccer, and other activities are vying for the attention of our kids, it?s fun to see them excited about going to church.

I spoke in two schools in Louisiana and one in Houston. One principle wrote me and said, ?I feel our school was truly blessed with your presentation. You held the attention of over 800 junior high and high school students for the entire time. Faculty as well as students have come to me thanking me for allowing you to come.? It?s a real privilege to be able to have such an open door to speak to the youth.

Altar response was great. What a privilege to pray with people about the struggles in their lives. I asked a junior high boy how I could pray for him. His answer was immediate, ?I want to know Jesus?! What a joy to lead him in a prayer opening his heart to receive Christ. I prayed with a young woman this week. ?Please pray for my family. They are Muslim and are in Indonesia. I was Muslim, but recently became a Christian. Pray that my family will come to Christ.? Our tears mingled on the rail as we prayed.

We will be home for a few days and leave early next week for a month-long trip. Pray for Felicia and me to have safe travels and fruitful ministry. We will be in Illinois and Pennsylvania. The last two weeks of this trip will be in Pittsburgh for the meeting of General Conference. With all that has transpired in the past few weeks, there are some very important decisions that will need to be made in this meeting to preserve the unity of this church.

Continue to pray for our ministry finances. Things continue to be very tight. We are not in the red, but we can see it from here.

We are so grateful for your continued friendship and prayers.


“You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won’t spoil.” — John 15:16 The Message
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