Some change is good.

Felicia and I are settled in and love our one bedroom apartment. One of the wonderful benefits we are enjoying has been a surprise. When we arrived, we were first disappointed that there was no television in the apartment. I made a mental note that as soon as practical, I would find a small T.V. so we could keep up with the news and weather and other occasional entertainment. However, as time has passed, I’ve not made that move. The truth is we’re really enjoying NOT having one.

What we’ve discovered is we have lots more time for one another than we had before. We have time to talk, take long walks, read books, talk with friends, spend time in the Word, and enjoy life. We are realizing that the television has been a thief, and we hadn’t even noticed.

Thanks so much for your continued prayer as we spend this time in Wilmore. Felicia has even been invited to speak in a chapel service. How cool is that!
We are deeply grateful for this opportunity to be here in a wonderful spiritual environment where we can bask in the presence of our Lord. We are blessed indeed!

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