149th Bend-Chappel Camp Meeting

We stepped back into history with this one. For 149 years the Methodist people of these communities (along with a couple more that are now gone) have been gathering in a tabernacle next to the creek to praise God and hear His Word proclaimed. We sang the old hymns, enjoyed fellowship, rejoiced in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, had “dinner on the grounds,” and saw God move mightily again. Here are a few pictures of the event to give you a little of the flavor. The first picture is the BibleQuest medal winners.


The medal winners, along with some of the other children and helpers. What a great bunch of kids!


Notice the line of cowboy hats hung on nails in the back of the tabernacle.


Inside the tabernacle. The concrete floor was once just dirt covered with sawdust.


“Cowboy Dan” Telling the old, old stories in a new way.

Felicia and I taught Sunday School under the trees.


Dinner on the grounds. What a feast!


These brothers were the ushers for every service.

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