How about some good news! I went to the Cardiologist today and had a really good report. Basically he cleared me for rehab and said he believes that the abnormalities in the nuclear stress test last month were not anything to be overly concerned about. He said that the type of heart attack I had was really a mystery to medicine. I had no blockage, no plaque in my arteries, no physical cause that they can determine for the heart attack. My cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is normal, and the damage to my heart was slight. Because of that, the risk another heart attack is so minimal that it is nothing to worry about. He took me off all but one of my heart meds and cut me loose to pursue cardiac rehab. This has removed a large weight from my mind. So, next week I will begin rehab at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington.

That doesn’t mean I don’t need your prayers. Please keep them coming. These next few months are going to be important months of healing and renewal. I don’t have much stamina and have had some adverse reactions to some of the heart meds that I will have to overcome. But, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have new hope for complete healing. Hallelujah!!!

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