Community revival in Bandara, TX June 18-22


This was our first time to minister in the Texas Hill Country.  What a beautiful part of Texas.  The wild flowers were in bloom and the weather was perfect.  Good thing, too, since we were meeting in the fair grounds in an outdoor pavilion.



Rev. Bill Stegemueller is a long-time friend.  I worked with him years ago when he was in his first church after seminary in Liberty Hill, TX.  He has a love for God and a passion for evangelism.  That has been very evident in his long tenure at FUMC Medina, TX.  You can read his blog here.


This was a community revival that was sponsored by many of the churches in the ministerial association.  We were so delighted with the participation, turn out, and enthusiasm of the community.



The churches in the ministerial association were involved in the leadership of the meetings as well.  It was great to hear the music each night as it was shared by the local musicians.


The storytelling was warmly received.


It’s so much fun to hear the laughter as the stories connect with the listeners.




The worship was amazing as the hearts were drawn to the throne of God.   



Felicia and I were so delighted to have these refreshing days of renewal in Bandara and Medina, TX.  Join us in praying that the fires of renewal that were lit during these days will spread all over the county and that God’s people will continue to be His light in these communities.






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