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  1. Dear Wesley,
    Calvary greetings from Kisumu Kenya in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus delighted to invite you to Kisumu ,Kenya East Africa to hold, Crusade, pastors seminar and outreach to the prison inmates at a date ok to your schedule year 2014.We are a church ministry,evangelistic in purpose.We reach out with the glorious gospel of Jesus to remote areas as well as urban set ups evangelizing anddiscipling people.We also plant churches.The burden is also upn us to demonstrate Christ’s love by helping and supporting orphans and widows.
    We are based in the lively lake shore- Lake Victoria.
    When you come you will conduct church leaders seminar from 8.00am to 1.00pm After which pastors will go for lunch and then join you at the crusade ground at 4.00pm.The crusade will commence from as 4.00pm to 7.00pm everyday for 4 days.We believe that many souls will be added to the kingdom.
    We are also ready,if you are interested to take you to different schools to preach to the students in government schools.
    Please let us hear back from you.Visit our website:www.rlmkenya.org
    Thanks so much.
    In Christ,

  2. Where might I purchase the series of DVDs so that I might send to my son and his family who are living in Florida while he attends medical school?

  3. I have downloaded your recording of “Beyond” and I was wondering if there is an instrumental version of the song and the words separately. Thanks

  4. Joel Hendricks

    You taught my daughters the books of the bible using a song at Salem-Kinser (Greenville,Tx). They were in grade school. They are graduating from High School. The pastor tried embarrassing them by asking them to name the books of the bible. They sang your song and got them right. Thought you might want to know.

  5. Hello Mr.Putnam:
    I would love to have your piece, Wedding Prayer, sung at my daughter’s wedding. I cannot find the sheet music anywhere. Can you give me some information as to where I might be able to order it?

    Thank you very much.

  6. Hello, Wesley,

    The Hopewell UMC contingent was front and center at your second session at the Augusta District Training on January 31st – and we were so blessed. Amazing Love has become my go-to CD. I want to use Love Divine as the song before my talk at a Walk to Emmaus in April. Can you tell my how to download a lead sheet?

    Bless you in your ministry!

  7. Rev Wesley,
    Would like to work out a time when you can come back to Bainbridge, GA. I see you will be near in July and September. Do you have open dates? I am transitioning from Bainbridge First to a new “Baptist” church that functions as interdemoninational. Would you be willing to come to such a church? I hope so, the Spirit that is unleashed through you could be a might tool builder here!
    Don Robinson

  8. Dear Wesley,

    My name is Mark Sobczak. I am a trustee at the Prospect Harbor UMC, within the Northern Maine District of the the NEUMC (New England UMC). Our DS, Rev. Dr. Pat MacHugh is retiring June 4th.

    I just heard your song, “Thank God, I’m A Methodist” and purchased it in iTunes. I love it! My next question is about using it to warm up the crowd before we get seriously involved with her retirement ceremony. We would only use it at this event and at our church in Prospect Harbor, Maine.

    I wasn’t sure if I ask you or Reverbnation, for permission to use this song.


    Mark Sobczak
    PHUMC Trustee

    P.S. I’m an IT pro. I’ve worked with computers and software for over 40 years. If you want, I can create a video for you with scrolling lyrics to this song.

  9. Hello. I am interested in seeing if you have the piano music with lyrics for the two songs…Do Nothing & Matthew 25. These are great songs and I would like to use one for a solo and the other for a teen play. Do you have these songs either in printed form or a track.

  10. Wanting to sing The Wedding Prayer at my sons Wedding. Great words to share. Looking to see if backing tracks/instrumentals that are available. Sheet music would be great as well

    Thanks so much

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