Dayspring Cullman, AL

We had a great time in Cullman. Rev. Mark Parris moved to this church only four months ago.  He had scheduled us to be with him in Pell City, but when he found out he was moving, he just moved the meeting to his new congregation.  He was a delight to work with.  He has such a warm faith and gentle spirit.

The church made us feel very welcome.  We hit the ground running.  In four days, I spoke 16 times.  In addition to worship services and BibleQuest, I taught a workshop on children’s ministry on Monday, a workshop on evangelism on Tuesday, spoke at a chapel service for their daycare on Wednesday and held a Bible study each day at lunch.  We greatly enjoyed working with this church.  We had strong attendance throughout the week as the people reached out and invited friends and neighbors to join them.  Here are a couple of pictures of a week-night crowd in Cullman.



God used the stories and worship to touch people’s hearts.  The altar was well used throughout the week.


It was a blessing to be a part of the life of this congregation and to sense their devotion to Christ and hunger to move forward in their walk with Him.  Here is an email that sums up how one of the members felt, and it reflects our hope for the church as they move into a future filled with hope.

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a blessing you have been to my family.  Your services this week brought new life to stories that we have all heard for so long, sometimes we gloss over the message that is so powerful.  Thanks for sharing your time and talents with our church.  I really believe this will be the start of a true revival not only for our church but for the community as well.”

I can say “AMEN” to that.

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