This was an opportunity we don’t often have, a Dayspring in our own neighborhood.  FUMC Euless is a couple of miles from our home, so we were able to stay at home and be in ministry at the same time.  I woke on Sunday morning with a tickle in my throat.  I was able to sing and share a story in two morning services, but after that, my voice shut down.  I was unable to sing another note all week.  I could “croak” out the stories, but folks had to listen really hard.  Just to show you how God works, Timothy showed up on Saturday for a week of vacation.  You guessed it, he was my worship leader for the week.  He really saved the week for me.  Thanks so much, Timothy.  We thought you and Kristen were just bringing little Israel to visit MeeMah and PawPaw. God had other things in mind.

It was an awesome week.  The church was incredible.  The committees had done a remarkable job of preparation and the enthusiastic crowds reflected that.
One great bonus was that all of our grandkids who were BibleQuest age were able to participate.  How awesome to see them having fun and working hard to memorize scriptures.  We were so blessed.  You can see their picture in the BibleQuest post below.

Timothy leading worship.  He did an awesome job.


Kristin and Israel (future BibleQuest medal winner).  Baby Naomi will be here in July.

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