Dayspring in Johnson City, KS November 16-19, 2008

This was our second visit to Johnson City, KS,  a small town in Southwest Kansas. We met some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet.  It was a fantastic week of revival there.  The pastor, Don Hastey, has only been there since June, but the people are very excited about his ministry there.  We had a great time with the children in BibleQuest, too.  You talk about some excited kids.  They were some of the most enthusiastic we’ve worked with in a while.  They really got into the memory work and loved singing the songs.  I’ve posted some pictures to give you an idea of how much fun we had in this church.


The adults were enjoying the storytelling format for the revival.

Listening during the sermon.  They were leaning forward and paying attention.

Time for memory work.

Felicia helping some kids with their Bible memory.

They did love the stories!
having fun.jpg

The took every spare minute to work on memory.

This boy is helping me illustrate what faith is.
They were very eager and ready to answer the questions I asked.

The kids did a great job showing their stuff.  Isn’t this a great looking bunch of boys and girls!

Look at the smiles on these hard working medal winners!

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