Dayspring in Madisonville, TX Sept. 27-29

I’m not sure how many times I’ve driven past Madisonville without stopping in the last 28 years.  Now I know what I was missing.  What a delightful bunch of Christians we found at FUMC Madisonville.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rev. George Wilson.  He made us feel so welcome.  We really enjoyed his dry sense of humor.  The congregation and community are very appreciative of his ministry there.


Scott Kizzai did a super job coordinating the preparation for Dayspring.  I was so pleased with the enthusiasm we found when we got there.


I was thrilled that we had the opportunity to speak in the public schools while we were in Madisonville.


The music team in Madisonville was excellent.  Their sound reminded me a little of the group “Point of Grace”.  They did a super job.


There was a meal provided each evening prior to BibleQuest.  It was a super time for fellowship and “enlarging” the church.


They say Methodists won’t come out at night anymore, but check out this Tuesday night crowd.


There was great enthusiasm for the stories.

James the Brother of Jesus offered new beginnings through Christ.

Cowboy Dan was a favorite.


Elijah told his story and challenged the Church to remember “There is only one God, He hasn’t changed His mind about right and wrong, and He calls us to follow Him.”

There was a great spirit of Worship in the services.


There were many who found their way to the altar and new beginnings in Christ our Lord.


Even the children came to pray.


We rejoice in all that God did in our time in Madisonville.  It may have been our first time there, but I have the feeling, it won’t be our last.

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