December 12

Felicia and I have just returned from our last trip of 2006. We were in Memphis, TX. It was a return trip to this church. I was last there in 1983, when our ministry was just beginning. The reason I know it was 1983 was that one of the members of the church still had the notes in her Bible from a study we had in that meeting.

Rev. Gary Boles and his committee had done a fantastic job of preparing. They really have a lot on the ball there. The services were well attended and we had great participation from the community.

The children’s ministry has been going strong there and a lot of the kids had already met Felicia and me in the elementary One-Way camp at Ceta Canyon. BibleQuest was really special. The kids were so excited about Bible memory and the numbers grew each night. Most of the kids stayed each night for the main service with the adults. One of the highlights of the week was to see the boys and girls leading the way to the altar every night. Wow! And they weren’t just going for show. There was serious spiritual work going on in their lives. Janna Tippett has done a fantastic time with the children and all the work she and others have done has really paid off. God has some wonderful plans for these kids.

The fruit of this week was awesome. One man told me that he was back with God after a 32 year separation. Awesome! God used Felicia as she spoke to the women and had opportunities to have some one-on-one counseling as well.

As we drove out of town, we had a sense that some lives had been forever changed by the hand of God. What an honor to be used by Him.

To see some pictures of the children in BibleQuest, click here.

The BibleQuest medal winners can be seen here.

Good news!!!! The new CD is finally finished and has been sent to the duplication plant. We will have product on hand within ten days if all goes well. I am SOOOO excited!! The online store should be up for taking orders in a couple of days. Until then, you can contact us by email or call 800-530-4949, and we’ll process your order. If we’re not in, just leave a message and we’ll call you back.

Praise the Lord for His incredible love and faithfulness.

Merry Christmas.

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