November 20

Yesterday we attended services at Tyler Street UMC in Dallas, TX. One of our neices and her husband were having their son baptized and I was asked to sing. After the last note of the song was fading away and just before the pastor spoke, our grand daughter, Rachel, stood in her pew, started clapping and shouted as loud as her nearly two year old voice could, “Yaaaa PawPaw”!! That made my day.

We’ve just returned from a two week ministry trip to Woodward, OK, and Johnson City, KS.

In both of these churches, we were with pastors we had worked with in the past. Rev. Randy Hodgson in Woodward, OK, did a great job in getting the church ready. We had strong attendance and great response. I don’t know when I’ve been in a church that had more going on than this one. There were groups meeting every day and the people were genuinely hungry for God’s Word. The music program in the church provided great support through the week with the choir and a women’s quartet that sang each night. The children were excited about BibleQuest and were a delight to work with. You can see the medal winners by clicking here.

Johnson City, Ks, (they just call it Johnson) was a great week as well. One member told me they had no memory of every having had a revival in this church. But, the people really got into the spirit of the Dayspring. We averaged the Sunday morning attendance through the week. A lot of the credit goes to Rev. Glenn Fogo and the people who worked in preparation. Wow! They had worked and prayed and invited and all the work paid off. The chairman, Monty Teeter, put a lot of time and effort into the week as well. There were witnesses who gave moving testimonies each night and lots of great music from the choir, led by J.C. Chapman. (He’s been working there for nearly 40 years!)

BibleQuest was a huge hit here. We started with about 18 kids and ended up with nearly 60. They were some of the best singers we’ve ever had in BibleQuest. They worked really hard to earn one of the “Official BibleQuest gold medals made out of real medal!” One of the medal winners memorized 36 Bible verses! Here is the picture of the medal winners.

One afternoon a front blew through and there was a little rain in the air. The result was a beautiful rainbow. It was a wonderful symbol of hope for the church. I took a few pictures of it as well as some great pictures of the BibleQuest kids. You can see them by clicking here.

Felicia and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Please be in prayer for our next meeting in Memphis, TX. We are expecting great things from God.

The new project has a name now. “Amazing Love”, the hymns that were inspired by the works of Charles Wesley, will go to the mastering lab in Nashville, TN, next week. The final step will be duplication. I hope to have product by the middle of December. Hurray!!

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