Felicia and I just returned from Ceta Canyon where I was privileged to be the storyteller. This was my 27th consecutive year to tell stories in either one or both of the evangelical children’s camps in the Northwest Texas conference. It was an awesome week. I told some of the stories of Jesus from the perspective of “James, the brother of Jesus.” On the final night we saw a wonderful harvest of dozens of boys and girls who gave their hearts to Christ. On Wednesday night, we prayed for physical, spiritual, and emotional wholeness for campers and counselors. God moved in wonderful ways.

Felicia and I were absolutely blown away one day in the dining hall. A group of campers and counselors from Canyon, TX had gathered in the front of the room and they called for Felicia and me and the rest of the Putnam clan who were in the room to come forward. (James, Philip & Holly with their two children, and Timothy & his fianc?’, Kristen were there) One of the campers from Canyon announced that he and the rest of the elementary kids in their church had worked all year in a contest to see who could collect the heaviest bucket of change to present as a gift to Wesley Putnam Ministries. He proudly announced that “THE BOYS WON!!” and with a look filled with great pride, he handed us a check. It was nearly a hundred dollars, but as far as we were concerned, it was the same as a million. We were absolutely speechless.

If you’d like to see some of the pictures from camp you can check them out here. Be sure to check out the BibleQuest medal winners

I am writing this update from West Lafayette, IN, where I am leading worship at the national gathering for United Methodist men. Pray that God will move in many hearts as we share this weekend together. I will leave here Sunday and have one week to pack before heading for Wilmore, KY. Felicia and I will be there for 5 months as I serve as “Artist in Residence”. I am planning on putting up a daily update beginning in August, so be sure to check back often.

God’s best to you and thanks for your prayers.

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