On the Journey

Felicia and I arrived in Wilmore, KY, two weeks ago today. We have been unpacking and settling in. It’s been quiet around here since school will not begin the fall semester until after Labor Day. There are some students taking summer courses, and we’ve enjoyed meeting them.

Thomas is from Zimbabwe. He has a great heart for God and a deep love for his people. He will be returning in a couple of years to a country in deep turmoil and desperate need for Christ. Emmanuel is from northern Nigeria where the radical Muslim faith is persecuting Christians. He asked me to pray for him that he would be faithful to proclaim the Gospel in a difficult place. The Goh family just arrived from Singapore. They have a contagious excitement about their faith. Felicia has been adopted by them as she has helped them move into their small apartment and been their taxi service for the places they needed to go. Their children call us “Uncle Wesley and Aunt Felicia”.

We are excited about being here and ask for your prayers as we settle in. Please, particularly pray for my heart. I received a call yesterday from my cardiologist’s nurse, who told me that there were some abnormal findings in the nuclear stress test I took two weeks ago. It seems that it shows moderate ischemia in the heart. (This is a lack of blood flow to the heart muscle) I haven’t talked with the Dr. yet but should know more after Friday. I just need a lot of friends to be praying. It’s been a little over a year since my heart attack and I’m ready to get back to 100%.

I will make it a point to try and post regularly during our time in Wilmore. Please feel free to leave a note in the guestbook or drop me an email at wesley@wesleyputnam.org. You can write Felicia also. Her email addres is: felicia@wesleyputnam.org

Hello! This is Felicia. Some of you have wondered how I’m doing with this transition. Well, so far, I’m loving it. We have been graciously welcomed here. Our one-bedroom apartment is very comfortable, and much roomier than our RV that we’ve lived in for the past year and a half. But there’s something else. When we were here at the seminary from 1974-1978 (well, WESLEY was the student, but spouses definitely have their own seminary experience!), we lived 80 miles away in the parsonage of one of the churches Wesley pastored. And though the congregations loved us and took good care of us, I always felt that I missed out on a great deal of fellowship with other seminary families by not living in Wilmore. So getting the opportunity to actually live on campus for a semester seems like a very special gift from God to ME! I can just picture God smiling, saying, “See? I know the desires of your heart. In MY time, I’m fulfilling that longing of yours from long ago!” So I’m pretty tickled about the whole experience.

Thank you for your prayers for us while we are here.

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