I get a little nostalgic when I get to the week of One-Way camp each year. I have been involved as a storyteller now for elementary children in the Northwest Texas annual conference for 30 years. That means that my first campers are now in their early 40’s. Now, that will make you feel a little old.

The fruit of these camps has been amazing. In 30 years I have spoken to nearly 10,000 elementary chilren. We’ve seen several thousand of them at the altar making commitments to Christ. Hundreds have surrendered to full-time Christian ministry. Many thousands of Bible verses have been memorized in BibleQuest. This camp has been the seed-bed for the creation of the stories I tell all across the nation. I have wondered how long I should continue. I am a little older than I was when I started. I don’t have quite as much energy. But when a delegation of children came to me on the last day and asked, “are you coming back next year?” I said yes, without hesitation and they jumped up and down with excitement. I guess if that’s still happening, I can keep at it.

I’m not sure my family will ever let me stop going to this camp. That’s fine with me.

Here are our BQ medal winners for One-Way elementary camp ’08.


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