Father’s Day 2007

What a fantastic day! Felicia and I worshiped with two of our sons and their families. It is such a delight to stand with our adult sons and watch as they live out a Godly example in front of their children. Felicia and I are so grateful to God as we see the heritage of faith continuing in my children.

As I think about that, I’m reminded of my own heritage. My great, great, great grandfather was one of the first lay preachers in the Methodist Church in Louisiana. Two of his sons, both great, great grandfathers, were circuit riders. My dad lived his faith in front of his 10 children as a pastor. God called me and three of my brothers into ministry.
I don’t believe that it is an accident that we’ve seen this in our lives. I believe my great, great grandfathers prayed for us way back in the 1800’s. As the years have passed, God has answered his prayers and those of his children and their children.

Our family is not close to being all we should be, but by God’s grace we are choosing to follow Him. I’ve been praying for my children, grandchildren, and even the yet to be born great, great grandchildren. I pray for the line of faith to grow longer and longer.

One friend told me that he was working on a great project. He is striving to read through the Bible each year and mark that Bible up with insights he gains in his reading. After each year, he will give the Bible he’s read to one of his grandchildren. What a great gift! How do you place a value on something like that. I’d like to do that. I guess I’d better get busy, the grandchildren just keep coming!

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