FUMC Corsicana, TX April 13-16

Rev. Mike Alexander is pastor in Corsicana, TX. The church worships in a beautiful historic sanctuary that was built in the early 1900’s. When we walked in we were amazed at the beauty. Felicia took a few pictures of the inside of the sanctuary for you to see.





The event was planned by the associate, Steve Moss. He didn’t let any “moss” grow under my feet that week. I spoke 20 times in four days. I was in schools, civic clubs, breakfast and lunch meetings at the church as well as the work with BibleQuest and worship each evening. Whew! It was tiring, but fruitful. I had the privilege of speaking to over 1200 kids in the school system. The response from the civic clubs was very positive. The attendance at the revival was very strong. The children were more than excited about BibleQuest and memorized lots of Bible verses. One of the children wrote this in an email to me. “Hi, I’m Emily from Bible Quest in Corsicana.I want to thank you for coming to my church teaching Gods word. I learned a lot. To tell you the truth I didn’t even know one verse, but then when it was over, I memorized 33 verses and won a gold medal! Thanks again.

Isn’t that great!

The pastor wrote this in his newsletter: “The “Dayspring” Revival was a success in every way! I hope you and your family were able to attend our services. Our attendance was tremendous. This is the first revival I can remember with the attendance on the last night being more than previous nights! WES PUTNAM is blessed with so many talents that spoke to a large number of hearts. We grew to love and appreciate Wes and Felicia for their tremendous ministry in Corsicana. I believe the wind of the Holy Spirit blew through a large number of lives during this time. It was Dayspring!”

One of the laymen in the church said this, “I want to thank you for bringing a scripture-filled, spirit-filled revival to our First United Methodist Church of Corsicana. I have been reminded of how good it is to enjoy a relationship with Christ on a daily basis. This message came through in all of your services whether through music, drama or preaching.”

Felicia and I will long remember the exciting days in Corsicana, TX.

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