Your support is crucial to keep this ministry strong and effective.  Love offerings only bring in about 1/3 of the funds needed by our ministry to cover our building, equipment, utilities, postage, printing, secretaries, and other expenses involved in this important work.  Over 2/3 of our budget comes from friends of our ministry who are led to support us.   Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated.  We look forward to hearing from you.

You can donate with credit cards and bank accounts, one-time or recurring gifts.  We are grateful for your support with prayer and finances.

3 thoughts on “Give”

  1. Please tell Suzanne Rogers that I am doing well. She called the other day and I was not home. I am doing better every day and I appreciate being on your prayer list. Blessings, Beverly

  2. I am trying to give a one time donation. It will not take it. I have tried three (3) times. It says the City is wrong and my routing number for my bank is wrong. My city is Oklahoma City and my routing number is the same I do every month. please look into this. I will try again Monday.

  3. Hi Beverly,

    I just saw this message. Sorry. I hope you were able to solve the problem. Anytime you have an issue, you are welcome to call the office – 817-285-8008 or my cell – 817-975-5524. We’ll be glad to assist. We are so grateful for you faithful support. Glad you are doing better.

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