Kids can worship!


These Kids were singing praises to God at Ceta Canyon Elementary One-Way Camp. It was AWESOME!

The week of July 4 has been the time for elementary one-way camp at Ceta Canyon since 1977. I’ve been a storyteller at Ceta Canyon, Camp Butman, or both since 1979. This camp is where many of the songs and stories that have been a part of this ministry were born. This year was the 29th time I have worked with this age group. Think of it… in those years over 6,000 boys and girls have heard the Gospel presented through stories and the effort of hundreds of committed counselors. Over 2,000 of them have left that camp with a new relationship with Jesus. Hundreds have committed to full-time Christian ministry. All of that out of a single week of the year for nearly 30 years. What an incredible blessing.

This year the call to commitment came on July 4th. Forty-two boys and girls gave their hearts to Christ. Many came to recommit themselves to our Lord and seven answered the call to full-time service. After the altar call I reminded the campers that the Bible declares that the angels in heaven rejoice over one who repents. With the crowd that came to the altar that night, there must have been some party in heaven. So after the service, everyone went out of the tabernacle and watched a fireworks display to commemorate the birth of our nation and the spiritual birth of 42 campers. How cool is it that the 4th of July will forevermore have a dual reason to celebrate for them?

Thanks for the prayers for our safety. The following story proves that those prayers matter. We had a blowout on our RV on our way to Ceta Canyon. It happened on a 4-lane highway just as we were coming into Vernon, TX. Just think of the problems we would have had if we had been out in the boonies! The explosion of the tire took out the gas, plumbing, and electricity on one side of the RV, but no one was injured. I limped on into camp after getting the tire changed and had the rest of the repairs done while I was parked there. God was watching over us!

We’ll be in Midland and Plainview next week. Please continue to pray.

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