Lewisville UMC March 22-25

We came to Lewisville after we finished a great Sunday morning presentation at FUMC Bixby, OK. Jessica Moffatt Seay is the pastor there and it was great to catch up with her. We also had a chance to hug on one of our grandsons (Israel) who happens to live in Tulsa, not far from Bixby. (Oh, we hugged Timothy and Kristin too.) It was a two day drive up to North Carolina. We took a couple of days to detour over to Arlington, VA, to pray with a long-time donor there who is having some health issues. We then had a little time to visit Williamsburg, VA, and did a quick refresher course on the American revolution. We decided everyone who wants to vote in the USA, should be required to do a two day visit in Williamsburg. Very impressive.

This is the third time I’ve worked with Keith Bingham. He has a great heart for God and is doing an incredible job leading this congregation in Lewisville, NC. They had a community-wide event planned on an outdoor square on Sunday night. What a great event. No one could remember the last time they had a revival in this church, and folks were a little nervous about trying it. “What if we throw a party and no one comes?”

Well, God blessed! There were over 500 folks who showed up on the square to hear the story of Elijah. Each evening was very well attended. We had about 80 boys and girls in BibleQuest. It was a fantastic week.

Here is what the pastor had to say in an email to me.

“It was a blessing to have you both with us last week. We were so blessed by your ministry. I am so pleased with how this church came together and made it happen. They worked very hard. Thought Bible Quest was amazing with that many kids. God is blessings Lewisville, I only pray that I can lead them in the direction God’s wants them to go. I’ll keep you up with how things are progressing. Take good….care of your health, the UMC needs you.”

Here are some pics of this incredible week.


These are the medal winners. We had nearly 80 kids involved this week.

Now you're cookin'

These guys served over 450 burgers and hot dogs. Sure was good!

On the town square


I told the story of Elijah in this great outdoor setting.


The boys and girls are declaring … “IT…IS…WRITTEN”


Singing in the closing ceremony of BibleQuest.

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