Our first day of ministry in Ghana got underway with a time of prayer and preparation with the team. Felicia and I are the “newbies” of the group. The others have been Involved for years in these missions. CWM has planted over 300 churches here and in Nigeria. We are helping to plant 20 more.

After our team meeting we took a walk through the neighborhood. It was an experience! The “mall” is made up of miles of small tin or mud buildings with the wares stacked close to the streets. There are people everywhere! They share the streets with the goats that roam freely. The roads are “shock killers”, and the drivers know how to use their horns. It takes a while to get anywhere.

My first preaching assignment was in a Muslim neighborhood where a new Methodist church will be planted. Felicia and I sang and talked with a large group of children who were intrigued by our white skin. A couple of them asked for me to take them to “America”, others said they were hungry, others asked for money. It was overwhelming.

I told a story to the gathered crowd with the help of an interpreter. It is always a challenge to get a story across in a different culture and language, but God is faithful and hearts were touched.

As day 2 begins, we are off to share in a school with music, storytelling, and games. Please pray God will use us to make a difference.







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