November 1

There is absolutely nothing any more beautiful than Kentucky in the fall. Some of these trees look like they must be plugged into some power source in order to shine as brightly as they do.

God continues to bless our time here. The creativity continues to blossom. I’ve now written 7 new songs since coming to Asbury. The newest was just completed this week. I cant’ tell you how exciting it is to be able to write again! I can hardly wait for you to hear them. I’ve posted words to two of the songs in these updates. Here is another.

This is called “How Can it Be” and is inspired by the great Charles Wesley hymn, “And Can it Be”. At Asbury, this Chares Wesley hymn is the official song of the seminary. Someone told me,”It’s OK to work on these new hymns, just don’t touch “And Can it be”. I replied, “It’s too late. I’ve already done it.” When I sang this at the Presidents Retreat in North Carolina, President Greenway loved it. He thinks it will be especially enjoyed at the Orlando,Florida campus. I’ll get to share this song with that campus next spring when I sing for their Kingdom Conference. Enjoy.

How Can it Be
By Wesley Putnam (Oct. 2005)

How can it be I should recieve
Grace and mercy at the cross?
I drove the nails I held the spear,
yet for my sins He paid the cost.

Such mystery – A God who bleeds
Much more than I can understand.
I bow my head, I bend my knee
As I take mercy from His hand.

Love so amazing! How can it be?
The God of mercy would even die for me.
Love so amazing! The blood He shed that day
Has washed all my sins away.

He left the Father’s throne above
And clothed Himself with human skin.
We crucified this gift of Love.
His mercy paid for all our sin.

My prison was as dark as night
But He believed I could be free.
He spoke my name. He gave me life.
From chains of sin I’ve been released!

No condemnation do I dread.
I know the King and we are friends.
I wear His robes of righteousness.
I’ll stand before Him when life ends.

I hope to share some of these songs in January at the Congress on Evangelism at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. If you have ever been to one of these meetings, you know it is a wonderful time of inspiration. It is open to all who are involved with or interested in evangelism, lay and clergy. It would be a great meeting for you to plan to attend.
For more information go to this link.

Also, the company hosting our web page had a major crash on the server that contained our page and we lost a lot of information. One of the things that is gone is a full year of guestbook entries. If you would like to leave a new message on our guestbook just click on the guestbook button to the left.

Thank you for your continued prayer.

As a grandfather, it is my duty to show pictures of my grandchildren. If you’d like to take a peek then click here.

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