November 23

Our time in Wilmore is fast coming to a close. We will be packing up and heading back to Texas, family, grandchildren, home, in just a few weeks. These 5 months have flown by. It will be hard to say goodby to the wonderful friends we have made here. God has used these people and this place to minister deeply to our souls.

It really is appropriate that this season of Thanksgiving should come as we prepare to leave. We are indeed deeply thankful for this time. We are thankful to God for opening the door. Thanks to Steve and Jeannie Harper for thinking of the idea. Thanks to President Jeff Greenway for enthusiastically embracing us as members of this community of faith. Thanks to the staff and students who let us be a part of their lives. We will never forget this time.

God has used these days to give us much needed rest, spiritual refreshing, physical strength, and new beginnings for our ministry. I will be sharing in future postings some of the new directions God is leading us in ministry. Wesley Putnam Ministries will continue, but there will be some changes in the way we do things.

When we get back home, we will spend most of January finishing the preparations for the new album that will come out of these days. The project of rewriting some of the old Wesley Hymns has captured my heart. I am very excited about sharing these new songs with the Church. We will be back on the road in February. Keep watching our web page for the new schedule.

For your Thanksgiving reflection, I’ve included the lyrics to one of the new Wesley Hymns. It is a rewrite of “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”. Felicia and I pray that you will have a wonderful time expressing gratitude for all God has done because of His great love.

Love Divine
By Wesley Putnam (Oct. 2005)

Love divine, greater than any other,
Brings the joy of heaven down.
Live in us. We long to be your dwelling.
From our hearts let praise resound.
Jesus, You are God’s pure love defined –
You came, salvation to impart.
Love so vast can fill a universe,
Yet you choose to dwell in hearts.

Breathe in us. Comfort our troubled spirit.
Let us know that we are your’s.
Give us strength – that we might be more holy.
As your power through us pours.
Come and live within our human hearts.
You alone can set us free.
You are welcome here – please stay forever
Our love and praises to receive.

Finish, then, everything you have started
Till we’re all you had in mind.
Make us pure, wash away all that shames us
Help us leave the past behind.
By your power we will be transformed
Till one day before your throne
We will gladly cast our crowns before you.
And hear you whisper, “welcome home”.

Wesley and Felicia

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