April update

April 3-6, Felicia and I had the joy of ministering in Harlingen, TX. We?ve been in the Valley many times and always enjoy it. It is our fourth trip to Wesley UMC and it was a joy to be back. One night as I was telling the story of Gideon, Felicia was prompted by the Spirit to pray for those hearing the sermon. As the service closed, it was obvious that God was answering her prayers as the altar filled and others were doing business with God where they sat in the pews.

Since I?ve been to Wesley UMC many times, the children were aware of BibleQuest. They?ve been using the CD, ?Songs for the Quest? to teach the books of the Bible and other Bible facts. As a result, the kids were singing the songs with enthusiasm. What fun! Mary Catherine, the Children?s director, has done a fantastic job with the boys and girls. They were very excited about the verses they were learning.

April 10, I was invited to minister in Paris. (Paris, Texas) It was my first time in that great church, although I?ve worked with the pastor, David Rucker, many times. FUMC, Paris, meets in a stunningly beautiful building. The people were some of the most friendly I?ve ever seen. On Sunday morning, I was greeted at least 4 times between the parking lot and the church, before I even got in the door. On Sunday evening a woman came up and introduced herself to me. She had been in my high school choir with me in the 60?s. It was fun catching up on her life and seeing how God was working in her life.

April 17-20, Felicia and I were back in Bainbridge, GA. We were there three years ago and were thrilled to be back. It was my seventh time to work with their pastor, Rev. Stephen Webb. He was back at the church for the first time after heart by-pass surgery. He is doing well with his recovery.

We had a great time in the church and community. I spoke with nearly 2000 kids in the schools in the elementary, middle school, and high school. It is always a privilege to reach out to the students in public school.

BibleQuest was wonderful. One of the highlights was that the 6th thru 8th graders who were in the BibleQuest when I was there three years ago wanted to be there as ?scribes? to help with checking the younger kids in, so they could be there and experience the program again. We had over 70 kids involved as ?seekers? in our BibleQuest.

Be sure to stop by and check out the pictures of the April BibleQuest medal winners. We?re always happy to read your comments on our guest book.

Please be in prayer for us as we minister in Bunkie, LA, Pontiac, IL, and Taylorville, IL, in May.

We?re winding down our spring schedule and looking forward to our move to Wilmore, KY, in July. We will be there from the middle of July to the Middle of December serving as ?Artist in Residence?. Pray for us as we prepare for that time and seek direction for God?s leading in our future.

In His service,


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