Serving the Risen Lord!

Felicia and I just returned from two weeks of ministry. We were in Heber Springs, AR, week before last and in Indianola, MS, this past week. While in Heber Springs, we stayed in a park constructed by the Corps of Engineers in a beautiful wooded area. There was a beautiful trout stream running right through the middle of it. What a gorgeous spot. This was my third visit to this church and Rev. John Miles. John has been doing a great job in Heber Springs for over a decade. His wife, Susan is also serving as a UM pastor. It was great to have time to share with them and catch up. The people of Heber Springs have always given our ministry a warm and wonderful welcome. They have such a deep love for Christ and an obvious hunger to know Him better.

Bible Quest was well received. The pastor’s high school-aged daughter told me that she still remembers all the books of the Bible from our last visit there over 7 years ago! The children memorized over 600 verses during the week! The place was buzzing.

Indianola is one of the first areas to raise catfish commercially. It is the home of Delta Pride Catfish and Felicia and I got the grand tour of their facilities. It’s quite an operation. After watching all the excitement around the trout and catfish, I was reminded of the great privilege we have to be “fishing for people”.

The church in Indianola was full every night and even had to put chairs in the aisle on Wednesday to hold the crowd. We started the week with 36 children in BibleQuest and ended up with nearly 100 kids being involved. One child brought 23 of her friends! It was one of the best singing groups we’ve worked with. Wow! It was thrilling to see and hear their excitement. By Wednesday night they had memorized nearly 600 Bible verses.

There was good altar response each evening. The church had invested a great deal of time in preparation and prayer. You could feel the presence of the Spirit at work in the church. I’ve had the privilege of Working with Rev. James Twiner several times across the years. His wife, Patsy, is a UM pastor as well. They were a delight to be with. Patsy and Felicia had a great time talking quilts and sharing heart to heart. One of the greatest blessings of this ministry has been the way God has put wonderful people, like these in Heber Springs and Indianola, in our lives.

Felicia and I will be in Harlingen, TX, next. Then we’re going to Bainbridge, GA, and Bunkie, LA. Please be praying for us during this busy time. We are beginning now to prepare for our time at Asbury Seminary. We will be living there in Wilmore from July through December of this year. Pray that God will provide for our ministries needs during those months. I’m very excited that we will have some extended time to work on my heart rehab while being able to minister to pastors and their wives as they prepare for ministry.

Be sure to stop by to see the pictures of the medal winners for BibleQuest and leave a note on the guest book before you leave.

Felicia and I pray that you will know the power and love of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. He is Risen indeed!!!


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