Promise Seekers Elementary Camp Sacramento, NM July 7-11



On the Sunday before Camp started, I was privileged to share a story at FUMC Artesia, NM.  One of the camp directors (and dear friends). Monty Leavell, is pastor there.  It was a great way to begin our week together.  You can tell from the hats on the back wall that there are a few cowboys present.


What a delight to be working again with our friends Bill and Cindy McCuaig.  They are doing amazing things here at Sacramento Camp and Conference center.  He called me last year and asked if I would consider coming out to be the storyteller for this camp.  He then made an offer we couldn’t refuse.  He invited my sons to come and be the worship band for the week and to bring their families along with them for cousin’s camp.   Now for some folks, that’s not a stretch, but remember, we have 17 grand children!  Thats a lot of folks to feed and house for a week!


Well, it was an absolutely WONDERFUL week.  I told the story of the Apostle Peter as a Galilean redneck.  I had a blast telling the Gospel story through the personality of Peter, the Fish Commander.


The “Putnam Legacy Band” (named on the spot) was so much fun.  I was a little like a fish out of water since I’ve had very little experience playing in a band.  But it was so delightful playing in a band with my sons, my wife, and daughter’s in law, praising the God we all love.


The grandkids had their own spot with a clear view of the stage while their parents played and sang.


During the day, the cousins were able to have a big time with the awesome activities camp offers, and family happened.





Each morning, we hiked to a spot for time of worship and reflection in God’s Word.  This place is soooo beautiful.  It declares the Glory of God.



Without question, what a camp like this is about is offering Christ to the children.  Elementary aged children have hearts that are truly tender to the Lord.  We invited them to open their hearts to Him and they did.  It was amazing to see the stream of children asking for prayer.






On the closing night, the adult workers were all asked to move to the center aisle.  All the children stretched their hands out towards us in prayer and my grandson, Ethan, prayed a beautiful prayer for us all.  Very moving moment for us all.


We celebrate all that God did in Sacramento, and we are already making plans to return in 2015.  We could get used to this!  You can view a short video review of this amazing week by clicking here  then click on the video on that page for Promise Keepers 2014.



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