Recording starts on new CD, “Treasures”, Sept. 6-9

At long last, we have begun recording some of the songs you’ve been asking for, including “Treasures” and “It’s Hard to Imagine”.   The project began taking shape as world class musicians (Brian Piper, Sean McCurley, George Anderson, and Quinten Hope) and a legend in Christian music (Wayne Watson) as producer met in the studio at Wesley Putnam Ministries to lay down the rhythm tracks.  It was thrilling to see the artistry of this team at work.  Please be in prayer with us as we work to complete this recording.  I will be doing my vocals this week (Sept. 21-23).  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the events of the week.

As a team we prayed together and Wayne Watson talked the musicians through what he was looking for in each song.

Here is Wayne with our engineer, Dave Walser, hard at work.


Quinten Hope on guitar, Brian Piper on keys, Sean McCurley on drums, George Anderson on Bass.  Super group of musicians!


After recording, we stopped to listen to what had been done.


My good friends, Tom and Melanie Dooley, stopped by to hear the progress on the new project.  I was so happy they could come.


The bluegrass group, “beatlegras”, (Dave Walser, George Anderson, and Milo Deering) played on “Thank God I’m a Methodist”, a tongue-in-cheek look at the United Methodist Church.  I wrote it well over a decade ago, and decided it would be fun to go ahead and record it.  The guys had a difficult time playing it the first time through because they were laughing so hard.  If you haven’t heard them perform, be sure to put it on your list of things to do.  You can hear some of their stuff on youTube or on their web page,  

We should have the CD finished later this fall.  Please pray for us as we continue to add overdubs and then have it mixed and mastered.  Lots to do!

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