Report on Eagle Lake, TX

Felicia and I have just returned from a return visit to Eagle Lake, TX. What a wonderful group of people. The pastor, Rev. David King, was a true delight to work with. He has a great heart for Jesus and a deep love for the people he serves. We?ve never been treated with better hospitality.

The children were really excited about BibleQuest and it was reflected in the increasing numbers each evening. Even with all the rain, we had good participation in the Dayspring services. The altar response was heart warming. The Holy Spirit was doing deep work in many hearts.

Felicia and I will be busy for the next two weeks with ministry in camps. We will be at Ceta Canyon where I will be telling the children a C.S. Lewis classic, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, during story time. This was the first story I told as a novice storyteller over 25 years ago. We?re excited to be with the elementary children again. The following week, we fly to California where Felicia and I will be ministering at the family camp at Redwood Christian Park. This will be my 7th opportunity to preach at this camp. It is an evangelical oasis in the middle of a liberal desert.

Please continue to pray for us as we take the Good News across the nation. We are grateful for your friendship.

Wesley & Felicia

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