It’s elementary! (camp) July 10

Felicia and I just returned from a wonderful week at Ceta Canyon, One-Way Elementary camp. This was my 26th year as a storyteller. I first came to Ceta Canyon, just south of Amarillo Texas, in 1979 to watch the storyteller there and get ideas for telling the same story at camp Butman, near Abilene. Since then, I’ve been a story teller at one of those camps, sometimes both, every year. We’ve calculated that there have been over 3000 first time commitments to Christ at this camp in those years. WOW!

This year was a wonderful blessing. There was a quiet, gentle spirit that filled the camp. On the first night, children were praying at the altar during the worship music time. It was incredible! Last year one of the campers was critically injured when a very large tree limb broke off and hit her in the head. She suffered a severe head trauma, and many thought her chances of making it were very slim. But, by God’s power and grace, that little girl was back this year with her mother, brothers, and sister. She is dealing with some mobility issues, but her mind is clear and strong. Her love for Jesus was evident. Her face shown with the radiance of His presence. The night I watched her walk into the tabernacle for the first time, I wept for joy.

Speaking of family, we were blessed to have all of our sons there with their wives and children. Felicia and I were two happy grandparents. But the greatest blessing of all was watching my sons as they ministered. Philip was using his gifts as a videographer to help the camp put together a promotional video. James amazed us all with his exceptional skill on the bass guitar. Timothy brought us into the “holy of holies” with the incredible gifting as a worship leader. I just stood and watched with amazement what God has done in our children and how deeply they love Him. Nothing could ever make me more proud.

Thursday night, when I gave the altar call, there were between 50 and 75 new believers who came to pray and surrender their lives to Jesus. There was a larger group who came to recommit their lives to Christ, and there were nearly a dozen who came to give their lives to full-time Christian service. It was a sight to see! Be watching for pictures online. I will post them soon at;

There’s one more person I need to tell you about. Madeline Hegi, from Tahoka, Texas, began coming to this camp as a retired grandmother in 1984. Madeline is renowned for her ability to share the Gospel with children. They love her. It’s not unusual to see a child walk up and hug her. It’s also not unusual to see her sitting on a bench leading a boy or girl to Christ. She has always had a knack for helping kids overcome homesickness at camp. Her heart for boys and girls is unequalled in anyone I’ve ever met. She walks through the camp praying for and with the children. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Thanks for your continued prayer and friendship.

Wesley & Felicia

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