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August 12, 2004

I continue to gain strength, though not nearly as quickly as I had hoped. I spoke for the first time this past Sunday in Kansas City. I did the story of Gideon for the children’s department at the Church of the Resurrection. It was very tiring, but wonderful to be “back in the saddle”, if you know what I mean. I have two more weeks of rest before I will be back on the road again.

Please pray for continued healing. I have had a bit of problem with irregular heart beat. I’ve also been quite weak. I can’t walk very far without just giving out. I know Felicia will be glad for me to be carrying the suit cases again.

Pray for financial provision for our ministry during this time of healing and rest. The bank account is very low at this time. We are confident that God knows the need and will faithfully provide. If you would like to contribute online, clickhere.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer.


Home from the hospital!!!

I just returned from the hospital yesterday afternoon (July 22) after nearly five days of treatment following my heart attack. It seems strange to even say the words, “heart attack”. It certainly was the last thing on my mind one week ago. It was a surreal moment for me when the doctor leaned over me in the ER and said, “Mr. Putnam, you are having a heart attack and time is of the essence.” I looked around the room to see if there might be someone else he was talking to.

But even as he was talking, I sensed an incredible peace. I looked around the room at my family as they stood nearby praying for me and loving me. I felt the sweet presence of His Spirit and knew that I was in His hands. I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be, I just knew that whatever it was, God was in total control.

It wasn’t long before the word was out and hundreds of friends joined their prayers with those of my family. I was literally surrounded with a blanket of prayer. The emails, cards, flowers, and phone calls were a constant reminder of the incredible treasures God has given in friendships. I am rich indeed! Thanks to all who have prayed and contacted us during this time of trial. I wish I could respond personally to each one.

The doctor gave a good report when I left the hospital. He said that I could return to work in a couple of weeks and should be back at full strength within a month. I do feel like a walking pharmacy, but I’m grateful for the medications. Please, keep us in your prayers as I continue to mend.

Our family is very grateful for your friendship. I thank God for your prayers and expressions of love.


Sunday morning, July 18, Wesley led worship at our home church, FUMC Bedford. He was experiencing back pain that caused him to feel nauseous, but he continued ministering in the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. We went out to lunch with some friends afterward. During the meal, the wife, a nurse, asked Wesley if he was feeling well. He admitted that he was not, that his chest was tight. She encouraged him to go to the emergency room to be checked out, but he wanted to wait to see if it got any worse. About an hour later, he noticed he had an irregular heartbeat in addition to his pain, so he decided it would be best to get it checked out at the emergency room. He walked in and told the staff that he was experiencing heart attack symptoms. When they found his pulse to be only 30, they whisked him back and began buzzing around him like bees!

The cardiologist on call is one of the best. He arrived promptly and informed Wesley that he was having a heart attack, and that time was of the essence. As soon as the other support staff arrived, Wesley was taken for a heart catheterization. To our surprise, no blockage appeared, so there was no need for a stint. But there was an artery that was experiencing spasm with every beat. (Today, the doctor said their best guess was that a clot was causing a blockage and that the arterial spasm was due to the catheterization itself. The clot was dissolved by the blood thinner that was administered first thing in ER.)

No significant damage was sustained, Praise the Lord! This condition is easily treated with medication.

Wesley did have a hard day Monday. The nurse said his heart had been insulted and was angry, and so was still reacting with spasm. The pain was as great as it had been during the attack, but the EKG showed continued improvement. The pain medication caused his blood pressure to drop, but the nurses were very attentive and in constant contact with the doctors.

By last night, the pain was under control. Wesley had a good night’s rest and is feeling much better by Tuesday.

Wesley will have to stay home for at least two weeks, so he did have to cancel a revival in Indianola, MS. We appreciate and covet your prayers during this difficult time. We will keep you posted on Wesley’s progress. If you would like to send an encouraging note to Wesley, you can e-mail, or you can sign his guestbook at the link above.

Grateful for God’s Faithfulness,

Felicia (for Wesley)

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