From Louisiana to Oklahoma. Sept. 5

From La. To Ok.

Felicia and I just returned from our first two weeks on the road since the heart attack. I was blessed to have some help from our youngest son, Timothy. He does a great job with the children and was a big help in running the BibleQuest for the past two weeks. The kids love him and he really does enjoy working with kids. Be sure to check out the picture of the medal winners.

I was a bit worried about how my strength would hold up, but it was no problem. I just had plenty of help in the churches for setup and tear down of the equipment. I did have to set aside a little time each afternoon for a nap, but felt very strong when I preached and led worship each evening.

The first week was in Oak Grove, LA, where my brother, Byron, is the pastor. We?ve had the joy of ministering in this wonderful community many times over the past 20 plus years. This time we tried something a little different. Instead of meeting in a church sanctuary, we met in the old theatre, on the town square. It was fun seeing our ministry advertised on the old theatre marquee. The attendance grew each evening and there was good participation from several churches in the community. It was great seeing several rows full of high school kids there each night.

From there we moved on to Mustang, OK, near Oklahoma City. This was my third trip to this church. Each time I?ve gone back, I?ve been amazed at how things have changed. Rev. Randy Hodgeson has done a fantastic job there. I don?t know when I?ve seen more excited Christians. I knew it was going to be an exceptional Dayspring when I found they were praying all night long on the night before we began. The pastor was excited to report that there were 4 people who decided to join the church as a result of the Dayspring. There were 8 who decided it was time to start tithing. Many indicated a desire to become involved in study groups and ministry groups. He was one happy pastor. I celebrated my 53rd birthday while we were there and the church surprised me with a cake and I?ll bet they sang ?happy birthday? no less than four times that day. It was fun.

We?ll be in Arkansas and Louisiana the last two weeks of this month. Please be in prayer for the meetings that we might see the power of God move in these churches. You can follow the schedule on this link.

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