In the The Arklatex Sept. 19-29

Things have been fast and furious at Wesley Putnam Ministries this fall. God has given me the strength to continue declaring the wonders of His love to people who are hungry for more of Him.

In Bryant, Arkansas, the church was well prepared under the leadership of Rev. Bud Reeves. I’ve had the privilege of working with him 4 times across the past 20 years. He has a great heart for Jesus and has built a strong church during his time at Bryant.

I had some problems with a nose bleed on Sunday morning, but by God’s grace I got through that and the week went great. I think the enemy just wanted to stir things up.

The church had invested a lot of time in prayer. They have a great prayer room that is used regularly. There was no way we were not going to see the hand of God move with the investment in prayer that was made before we arrived. It was reflected in the wonderful ways we saw God’s Spirit move in each service. BibleQuest was a big hit. One of the highlights for me was on the closing night. As the children were singing on stage, I looked up in the balcony and saw one of the high school kids who had been in BibleQuest when I was there six years ago. I was delighted as I watched him sing along with the children and not miss a single word! The church was so inspired, they are continuing with BibleQuest in an ongoing program for the children!

From Bryant, Arkansas, we traveled on to Bastrop, Louisiana. This was our first time to be in Bastrop. The pastor, Rev. Roy Bryan Moore, was a blessing to work with. He has a great love for the church and particularly for the congregation in Bastrop. The services were sponsored by Dr. Cox who set up this revival series in memory of his wife. What a great gift to the church and community. What a great way to remember someone.

The pastor was thrilled with the sight of a sanctuary full of people every night. The children were so excited! By the closing night we had 30 elementary children singing the books of the Bible with great gusto. The members were delighted with the boost this gave to their church and Sunday school.

Felicia and I are leaving next for Alabama and Kentucky. We will be doing a Dayspring in Birmingham and leading worship for a missions conference at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Pray for safe travels and great fruit for the Kingdom.

A quick update on our loss by theft. A man in New Jersey bought $8,000 worth of equipment from our ministry and paid for it with a counterfeit cashier’s check. The detective knows who did it, but has not been able to catch him up to now. A friend of our ministry heard about the loss and offered to walk 200 miles in the month of September while personally pledging $1.00/mile. When others heard what he was doing, they wanted to join in. Up to date, we have recovered nearly $1500.00 of what was stolen, through the generosity of our friends. Isn’t God great? I wouldn’t be surprised to see God make up the whole amount and even more!

Thanks for your friendship and your prayers,


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