Alabama to Kentucky October ’04

Felicia and I are just back from our most recent travels. Two weeks ago we were able to minister in Birmingham, Al, at Christ Church UMC. I don’t know when we have ever worked in a church that was any better prepared for renewal than this one. Rev. Will Grant was a delight to work with. What a gentle spirit he has. The church has responded wonderfully to his leadership and he has put together a staff that really loves Jesus.

The altar response was incredible. People of all ages were doing serious business with God. One was a little girl who told the prayer counselor that she wanted to pray for her mother because she was like the boy in the story of the prodigal son who made really bad choice. This little first grader wanted God to deliver her mom from drug addiction. I was amazed at the maturity of such a young girl. She later told me that she wanted to have a job like mine when she grew up.

It was great working with the music director in Christ Church. He had even worked up several of my songs as choral anthems. It was fun singing along with the choir.

The meeting was such a success that the pastor was ready to book another meeting and wants to ask his church to include this ministry in their budget next year. He said, “I want our church to be a part of the Kingdom work you are doing.” God is so good.

I then took Felicia back home and flew to Lexington, KY, where I led worship at the Kingdom Conference for Asbury Theological Seminary. It was a joy to work with Darrell Whitman and the team he had put together to lift up the works of missions and justice ministries in the world.
The theme song was, “Declare His Glory”.

The masses scream in darkness
Devoid of all but pain.
Unseen chains hold them
In a prison built by shame.
Into that darkness
The light has come to shine.
Prison doors swing open.
Chains no longer bind.

Declare His Glory among the nations.
The King of King now reigns in heaven above.
He said to go tell a lost creation
The God in whom they live and move is love.

This darkness knows no borders,
It?s found in every land.
Each heart has felt it?s cold
Intimidating hand.
Body of Christ let God ignite us into flame.
And let us burn with passion in His holy name.

It put chill bumps on me to hear them singing that song with real passion and joy. I was amazed at how much the seminary has become an international force. I visited with students from all over the world in my week there. I had several who declared their interest in being traveling evangelists when they finished seminary and returned to their countries.

I will be in ministry next in Big Spring, Texas and Clovis, New Mexico. Please be in prayer for these communities as we prepare for some great days of renewal. If you have access to God?s Learning Channel, out of Midland, mark November 18 on your calendar and tune in around 7:00 p.m. I?ll be singing on their program that night.

We are having wonderful response to our financial loss from the theft of our equipment. I believe God will totally replace the money that was stolen and even increase our resources for ministry. The devil looses again!

Sorry this is so long, but one more thing. Be sure to go vote. It is vital that Christians let their voices be heard in this election. Over ? of the Christian voters did not vote in the last election. We can?t continue to do that.

The Master’s Storyteller,


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