September 20

I was on my own this time. Felicia was unable to attend the revival with me in Howe, TX. She is on “grandbaby alert”. Philip and Holly, our middle son and his wife, are expecting their third child “any day”, and meemaw was not going to get caught out of town on birth day. Well, it’s a week later and everyone is still waiting patiently. The truth is we’re pulling for Friday, September 22, because that would be the 100th birthday of Felicia’s dad if he were still living. We have no idea whether it’s a boy or girl…they wanted it to be a surprise this time. I’ll let you know as soon as the blessed event happens.

Back to the update… The revival in Howe was wonderful. What a precious church! I was there previously over 20 years ago. Believe it or not, the couple I stayed with back then was in every service. There weren’t many who could remember that far back.

The spirit of the meetings was fantastic. You could tell that a lot of prayer had been going on. My brother, Jerry, is pastor there. He has been emphasizing inviting friends and neighbors. As as result, there was great participation from the community. The Lord was working in the hearts of so many. An added bonus was the participation of a contingent from Trenton, TX. I was there earlier this year and there was a pew full from that church every night! They brought a spirit of enthusiasm with them that was contagious.

BibleQuest was a big hit with the kids. They really got involved in the Bible memory. By the end of the meeting, 36 children had memorized nearly 200 verses of scripture. Pretty cool! (click here to see the medal winners) The church at Howe has a real heart for children and the children’s director, Patty Wiggins, is part of the reason why. Her morning preschool is like a year-round VBS. Her heart is to see children come to love God with all their hearts. With someone like that helping with BibleQuest, we could not help but have a great time. Here are more pictures from the meeting.
I leave Saturday for Hattiesburg, MS. Again, I will be traveling alone as Felicia helps with the new baby, assuming he/she arrives this week. Pray for me. I’ve discovered how much Felicia has been doing for me for the past three years. I didn’t realize how much of a load she has taken off of me.

The New album will be available soon. My producer promised me that he will be finished with his work next week. That will leave the work of duplication and packaging. My best guess is late October or early November. Keep checking back.

Something to be thinking about. Steve Harper, VP at Asbury Theological Seminary is interested in taking a trip to England with me next summer. Next year is the 300th birthday of Charles Wesley. He will be lecturing and I will be singing the new hymns I’ve written based on the works of Charles Wesley. It should be a great trip. If you are interested, let me know. I should have pricing soon.


Thanks for the notes of encouragement.

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