Silsbee, TX


What a remarkable week! The folks in Silsbee believe in prayer and have been praying for months for this event. The committees worked faithfully and it all paid off. We had a 300% increase in the number of children in BibleQuest. The boys and girls were so excited about being there, and most of them stayed for the service after BibleQuest ended. They were so much fun to work with!

Felicia had the joy of speaking to the women’s group in the church. I heard lots of enthusiastic response to her message. God has given her a wonderful gift of communicating her heart.

Over the four days, the leadership was thrilled with the attendance. We even had a great crowd the evening there was a tropical storm warning. (Felicia and I woke up early next morning to the sounds of a hurricane blowing through.) Thanks for your faithful prayers. I’m leaving for North Carolina in the morning. Please pray for lives to be touched and transformed by His power.


These kids were singing the books of the Old Testament from memory!


Felicia took this picture while the kids were listening to one of my stories. Look how they are leaning forward as they listen.


This is the program on the closing night. The kids were really pumped!

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