The Master’s storyteller at Christ UMC in Sugar Land, TX







Rev. Mike Mayhugh grew up in the church we attended in Bedford, TX.  For a while he was an intern under the ministry of my brother, Jerry Putnam, who now pastors in Garland, TX.  So, we go way back.  It’s been fun to watch his ministry grow and blossom across those years.  The hand of God has been on him and his wife, Lisa. I love what is happening here at Christ UMC in Sugarland, and Felicia and I were thrilled to be a part of this faith community this week.

Many think that in an urban church where people have to deal with rush hour traffic and tight schedules, there would not be a chance they would come out for renewal services in the evenings.  But they proved that axiom wrong this week.  We had wonderful participation from children, youth, and adults alike!  The staff had done an AMAZING job of preparation.  They prayed and prepared carefully for this event.  They even sent out a mailing to over 26,000 households in their immediate area!  God honored their efforts with an amazing week.


The guy sitting on the end of the front pew is the pastor, Rev. Mike Mayhugh.


Isn’t this an awesome crowd!


We had help from a lot of wonderful musicians this week and worship was anointed.


The stories really connected with the congregation.







The response to the stories was wonderful.  At the close of one of the services, a man took my hand in his and could hardly speak because he had been moved so deeply.  He said, “because I came here tonight and heard this story, I will never be the same.  God has changed my life tonight.”  Now, that’s what it’s all about!





We had good participation from the children as well.  Because of the logistics of city traffic, things were a little tight in terms of time, but they still came.  They ate a quick meal then came and took part in a really fast paced time of song, story, and Bible memory.



Rev. Mayhugh was just “one of the kids” this week.  The boys and girls loved having him in the room participating with them.



Here are the proud medal winners!  One of the girls memorized over 40 verses!  It was so much fun to see the enthusiasm.



Pray with us that God will continue to bless this congregation and staff as they faithfully present Him in this community.  I believe He will do GREAT things here through this remarkable church!


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