The Master’s storyteller in Booker, TX Oct. 12-15



It’s been over 25 years since we were last in Booker, TX.  It is a small community in the far northeast corner of the panhandle.  Truth is, it used to be located in Oklahoma, but when the railroad came through in the early 1900’s, they picked up the whole town and moved south into TX.  Just a tidbit of history.

We had a fantastic time in this church.  I have known this church as a strong witness for Christ with a committed heart for missions.  They have earned that reputation.  We were pleased to see the church fill with eager worshippers each night.  Someone once said, “if we provide the hunger, God provides the food.”  Isn’t that the truth!  When we invited them to come to the altar, it filled up!  God draws us to Himself in such a gentle way.

It was a joy to get to know some of the youth in the church.  Two of the stars of the high school football team were there every night!  So, on Friday night, Felicia and I went to watch them play. There’s nothing like Friday night lights in west Texas. What a fun night that was.



BibleQuest was so much fun!  We had a great bunch of enthusiastic kids every night.  They were really into the music and stories.  Even in the worship services, it was fun to hear their voices over the adults!




Here are the medal winners.  They worked hard and the competition was intense, but they had fun going for the gold.




We loved this church and the people.  We felt like part of the family before the week was done.

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