The Master’s storyteller in Burbank, CA at Magnolia Park UMC – The Lighthouse.




Rev. Phillips Whang is a pastor in Burbank from South Korea. He is a delightful brother who has a deep faith and a heart for prayer, teaching the Bible, and reaching people for Christ. I greatly enjoyed hanging out with this man. He drew from the emphasis in South Korea on prayer and had his congregation commit to 6,000 minutes of prayer in preparation for my coming to his church. Did it ever pay off! Over the three days we were together, we had more than his average Sunday morning attendance in the evening services!


Rev. Phillips Whang

Because of the proximity to Hollywood, we had people who have spent their lives in the film industry as a part of the congregation. From lighting directors, to actors, to stuntmen, we had it all. What blew me away, was that they loved what I did. I was so intimidated! But one man came to me and said, “I’ve been in entertainment for over 50 years. I came with the intention of picking apart whatever you were going to do. I couldn’t do it. I love what you brought to us. It is fresh and very well done.” I was so blessed by what he had to say.

The statement of purpose on their web page is powerful.

“The purpose of our church is to share Jesus Christ with each person who finds fellowhip among us and hope you will worship his magnificence with us.  We glorify his name through music, the written word, prayer and teaching.  We find compassion and enlightenment through the principles Jesus taught us while here upon earth and still rejoice he continues to illuminate us throught the Holy Spirit.  We hope you will visit our church and find a renewing of your faith through his presence and love. We invite you to seek his grace and understanding. Join us to worship him and find friendship amongst his followers.  We are a Bible-centered community of faith. We are open to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit who guides us into his truths. He is the divine companion for our earthly journey.  We always strive to engage in ministries that reach out to the community with the saving message and love of Jesus the Messiah. We would love to be your friends in Christ and a source of strength and encouragement for you in your spiritual and personal journeys.”

The people I met here had a deep faith and desire to serve Jesus.  It was a delight to be a part of their congregation.


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