FUMC Chino, CA


I was last with Rev. Glen Haworth about 12 years ago when he pastored FUMC Tujunga, CA, near Pasadena. Felicia and I have enjoyed our friendship with him and his family. He has such a heart for God and the churches he leads always seem to grow, spiritually and numerically.
I was glad to get the invitation from him to work with his church in Chino.

Wesley with Rev. Haworth


The church was very open to the ministry of storytelling and participated enthusiastically in the worship.


Great worship of a great God!



Cowboy Dan


Singing His praise.



Great attendance.


Story of the Loving Father.


The best thing of all was the fruit for the Kingdom.  Glen wrote me with news of what these days meant to the congregation.  He said, “We did some reflecting on our Dayspring experience during this past Sunday’s worship. Good stuff. Lots of testimonies of renewed commitment and deeper walks. I shared the following statistics with the congregation:

1.       5   made First-time commitments to Christ
2.       15 Re-commitments in their walk with God.
3.       5  felt called into full time Christian service
4.       10 homes were committed to Put Christ first
5.       4 want to become involved in Christian growth groups
6.       1 wants to become a tither
7.       1 wants to join a Ministry group (students)
8.       3 desire to join the church”

Wow!  What a great report!  God is at work in Southern California. It is a joy to see the harvest!


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