The Master’s Storyteller in FUMC Hobbs, NM Nov. 6-9, 2011

Darren Skinner is pastor at FUMC Hobbs.  He is doing a great job of leading this wonderful congregation.  I was last in Hobbs over 20 years ago.  They are a church with a history of evangelical faith and a heart for missions.  What a great week we had together!

We had a great time sharing together in worship.


The stories were well received. Gideon reminded us that God sees not what we are, but what we can become with His help. He uses ordianry people to do extroidinary things.


I had such fun working with the boys and girls!!


We had a great turnout of children for BibleQuest. It was great fun.


The children did a great job working for their gold medals. There were a lot of great verses memorised by these boys and girls. I was so proud of them and the congregation enjoyed watching them show what they had learned.


Hobbs has had some ups and downs over that past few years, but I sensed a spirit of real optimism among them this week.  I will be watching to see the good things God has in store for them in the future.  Their desire to reach out in their community and beyond is already bearing spiritual fruit.  It was an honor to  share Christ with them and worship our Lord together.

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