The Master’s storyteller in Jonesboro, AR October 21-24


I’ve know John and Susan Miles for many years.  He has used me for revivals several times across the years.  I was really excited to join him in ministry in one of the flag-ship churches in the Arkansas Annual Conference, FUMC Jonesboro.  They are hitting on all cylinders there.  The sites and sounds of new construction are all around.  There is an incredible vision that is coming to life there in downtown Jonesboro.  By Easter, they will have a state of the art space open for their contemporary services.  After that is finished, they hope to start work in planning a new space just for children.  They are doing awesome work there and God is blessing.  John has gathered an amazing staff around him and they are working together for an abundant harvest.  Felicia and I were delighted to be a part of the ministry of this awesome congregation.

Rev. John Miles


This is an annual event for FUMC Jonesboro, and they had the hard work of planning and prayer done before Felicia and I arrived.

We had great help from the church's worship band. Sean Pollock is an incredibly gifted musician and is doing a great job drawing the congregaton into authentic worship.


The stories were a huge hit. Lots of positive response. Good crowds each night.


We had good participation with BibleQuest. The kids particularly were great singers and loved the BibleQuest songs.


Hrere is where the boys and girls checked in each evening. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped!


Congratulations to all the medal winners! What a blessing to see this many kids excited about memorizing Scripture!


I pray that the efforts of this great staff will continue to be blessed by God.  I can hardly wait to see the new sanctuary and the new lives who will be touched because FUMC Jonesboro, AR, is dreaming big and reaching out for new disciples.  It was an incredible week!


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